Monday, January 14, 2013

Welcome 2013!

With open arms and happiness, the newly expanded Novoa family welcomes the start of a new year. It's always so exciting when we finally hit January 1st because there is a sense of renewal and a certain fever in the air to do better this upcoming year. While I know there is always room for improvement in our lives, it's tough to believe that things could actually get better than they are right now....our two little boys are so amazing and bring us such love and joy already...could things really get any better than this???

The year started off pretty snowy and cold. We took advantage of this to bring Oliver sledding. To say that he loved it would be an understatement.

I also took the opportunity of the start of the new year to get back to running. It felt great to go out on the road and get my legs moving again.

The whole family also took some time to just chill out on the couch. Jennifer, Oliver and Rowan found a comfortable spot and got to work. 

Rowan got the new year started with tons of smiles. He is such a dream and so full of personality already. The whole family is truly enjoying him and he seems to be enjoying us. 

One of the only times that Rowan is not so happy is when he is made to wear hats. He typically does not like it. I did manage to capture him baring a cute smile with one of his new hats though.

We have also been really working hard at getting Rowan to eat, not really. This kid eats just fine and is growing remarkably well. Here he is showing off his 2 month physique. 


Monday, December 31, 2012

Holiday Cheer as a Foursome

The end of the year quickly approached while we were hunkered down in the house with our newborn, Rowan. However, this didn't mean we didn't get out and have a little family fun. Jennifer's mom came to visit from Michigan and stayed with us for a week. It was so nice to spend some time with her and to have the two boys play with their grandmother. Grandma Teri was also a really good roommate for Oliver. He got to playfully abuse her and she never even woke up. 

Rowan and I got to spend some quality time together learning how to do this newborn maternity leave thing. He is such a good baby and a joy to care for. We gave him is first mini tub bath which he only partially enjoyed but that's to be expected but he's mostly smiles and giggles. 

The increasingly cold weather did not stop us from going out to get our Christmas tree this year. It was the fastest selection we have ever made and Oliver was so proud of his "perfect" tree. 

This year, instead of going to see the Boston Ballet's version of the Nutcracker, we went to see the Urban Nutcracker which included a more mixed bag of dance styles. Oliver was very excited to style his own hair for the event.

 Over the past few weeks we've had many visitors to the house. Here's a picture of Auntie Q getting some Rowan love.

 Rowan has been a very different child than Oliver but equally as easy and delightful to care for. Unlike Ollie, who loved to use a binkie and adored to be swaddled, this new little guy has no affection for either. He's found his thumb a few times but is not consistent about it yet. I was able to get snap shot of one of the rare thumb sucking moments.

 Oliver has enjoyed this holiday season as much as the next kid but I think his time with Stacey at frog pond will go down in his memory history books. This was his first time ice skating ever!

This year we enjoyed another annual Novoa holiday party in CT. Rowan thought it was the perfect occasion to get all dressed up. His newborn cloths barely fit him but in the words of Tim Gunn, he made it work.

Rowan got to spend some time while in CT with one of Oliver's best cousins...Jordan! I'm sure Rowan will love Jordan as much as Oliver does.

While at home, Rowan and I have a lot of time to bond and I guess he's getting so comfortable with me that he feels he can just stick is tongue out at me whenever he wants. He also likes sticking his belly out whenever he can too.

 Oliver is really loving being a big brother and truly enjoys having a little brother. He is so gentle with him and talks to him constantly. Oliver loves giving Rowan hugs and kisses!

 We made our way down to CT again to celebrate Christmas this year. Grandma Audrey got some snuggle time and even worked her baby magic to settle down a mildly fussy little guy.

Oliver made is annual gingerbread house with the two of us. It started out as a very purposeful little house but quickly turned into a hot mess when the roof started to fall off multiple times. I quickly came up with a construction solution of using some cardboard as some shoring to stabilize the roof. Well, this was only good until Oliver decided to remove them. We ended up with a very lovely flat roof house with a slopped back yard. It was yummy either way.

Finally it was time to celebrate Christmas! I love my family so very much! 

Just wanted to let everyone know that Stella is also really enjoying our newest little one. This photo was taken on the drive down to CT. Stella is resting her head on Rowan's car seat. Total family love.

 Rowan has also grown to learn to love the University of Michigan Wolverines. His Michigan roots run long a deep...full of pride.

Just had to post this picture of Rowan's super smile. He's one of the happiest babies I've ever seen.

Before the year ended, we took the boys to Disney on Ice. Of course, we had to go with Oliver's's just not the same without her.

After Disney on Ice was over Rowan got to experience his first snow storm. Fortunately, we had the rain cover for the stroller so he stayed nice and toasty and dry.

The day after the snow storm we bundled Rowan up so he could brave the cold and enjoy the snow along with Oliver.

Another happy and smiley Rowan picture!!!!!

We close out this post with some photos from our New Year's Eve "party." We celebrated in a low key style with some close friends and extremely yummy food. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in our lives and we feel all the immense love for our two boys.  If 2013 is half as good as 2012 then we will be one lucky family!